I love buttons

Sooooo.. Spurred on by my home-made Barbados frame, my next recreation/cheap knockoff will be a version of this from Next 

Though it is only a tenner so god knows if I will actually end up saving any money by making my own! I want a red version anyway for my red-accessorised kitchen and haven’t seen such a variation available anywhere. Gonna find me some buttons on ebay.. Not sure what that is in the background though, burlap??

Love this! I have wanted a floral chest of drawers to replace my cheap nasty ones in the hallway for three long years now.. Alas, I will have to wait for a 95% sale or keep searching :(

I stumbled across this cute little frame over at Graham and Green and fell in love with it, I am always looking for things to immortalise my favourite holidays and Barbados has magical memories. The price tag is £45 but I was still a little tempted.. Especially when they added a Maldives version to their inventory! £90 for the pair though?! Outrageous! So I realised it was just a picture in a frame and decided to try and make my own at a fraction of the cost.

The next day I was browsing through Wilkinson’s and saw the photo frame aisle, whoop! This frame was pretty perfect and at only £6 I got a heart-shaped mount that didn’t quite fit inside but was easily trimmable to size. At home I just printed out a Google image of Barbados using my finest printer setting and tada! Really please with the results for the price. Would prefer a square to a rectangular frame and might try a Maldives one soon. Mix and match!

There are always flowers for those who want to see them
Henri Matisse